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I Heart Minnie: Coming February 7th to DVD

"What I love about the DVD, as well as the show, is that the episode are interactive. "

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? I know my girls loved watching her on the Disney Channel when they were little. Well, Disney is releasing a new DVD on February 7th called I Heart Minnie. The DVD comes with two discs, or you can get the show presented in digital format. It is part of the Disney Series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The DVD is all about Minnie Mouse, since its her birthday. Mickey, Daisy, Donald, and Pluto want to throw Minnie Mouse a surprise party to show her how much they love her, but keeping the party a secret ends up being more of a challenge than the gang thought it would be.

What I love about the DVD, as well as the show, is that the episode are interactive. Children watching must help the gang choose the right tools at the right times from the list of available mousekatools. There is plenty of music throughout the show to keep kids entertained. Also in the episode is a magical rainbow that the gang must find their way to the end of. At the end of the rainbow is Leprechaun Pete’s pot of gold.

In conjunction with the DVD, Disney offers free I Heart Minnie activity sheets that you can print from your home computer. These sheets a coloring page announcing the movie, and a sheet with three puzzles on it. The first is a maze. Children must help Daisy and Donald reach Minnie to give her some birthday presents. The second puzzle is a list of mousekatools. Children must choose only the ones Mickey will need to give Minnie a birthday party. Finally, kids can follow the ribbon to find out which bow belongs on Minnie’s head.