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Top 3 Disney Films from the 1980’s

Almost thirty films were produced by Disney during the 1980’s. I am happy to reach this decade, since I was a kid when many of these movies were released. Sharing these movies with my children is a treat because it brings back so many childhood memories. Here are the three that I consider to be the best of the decade.

1. The Little Mermaid: What child doesn’t love the story of The Little Mermaid? In this film, King Triton’s daughter, Ariel, wants more than just to live under the sea as the king’s daughter. This causes conflict with her father, who destroys the treasures from above that Ariel had collected and stored inside a cave. Ariel is tricked by an octopus named Ursula, and given legs so that she can live on land. Ursula, however, steals Ariel’s beautiful voice. Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric, but must kiss him within three days or lose her new legs. In the end, Eric kills Ursula, and the king gets to see that the two are truly in love. He gives his blessing, and the pair wed.

2. Flight of the Navigator: This story is about a boy named David who is abducted by aliens, but doesn‘t know it at first. David falls in the woods, is knocked unconscious, and then wakes up. When he returns home, he finds out that eight years have actually gone by, but surprisingly, he hadn’t aged a day. David is taken to a government agency for examination, but he escapes with the help of an alien robot. The robot needs the star charts that were planted in David’s memory so that he can go back to his home planet. The robot, named Max, scans David’s brain to retrieve the charts. In the end, David requests to be taken back in time and returned at the exact moment he was originally taken. Max agrees and David is returned unharmed.

3. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: I love this comedy, which stars Rick Moranis as Wayne, the nerdy inventor who accidentally shrinks his children and the children who live next door. The kids are swept up unknowingly, and deposited with the trash at the far end of the property. Adventure begins as the kids try to make their way back to the house. They face water from the sprinkler, angry bugs, and a runaway lawnmower. In the end, Wayne finds the children and returns them to their normal size.