The Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Walt Disney"

Until today, I had never heard of the Walt Disney Family Museum. From what I've discovered, it looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Located in San Francisco, the museum is comprised of several galleries that chronicle the amazing life of Walt Disney… from his early childhood to his death.

Co-founded by Walt's daughter and grandson, the 40,000 square foot museum (housed in a beautiful historic building) features a 14 foot model of Disneyland, over 200 video screens, listening stations, a Fantasia-themed theater that shows Disney classics and a museum store.

Many special programs and events are offered, as well. They include lectures, screenings, concerts, classes, day camp and more. Classroom resources will be available, on the website, at a later date.

If a trip the California isn't in your near future, I highly suggest that you visit the WDFM blog. There is a TON of fascinating information about Mr. Disney, various animators and others who were instrumental in Disney's overall success. (I actually bookmarked it, so I can continue reading when I have more time.)

Just as an example, reading the blog, I learned that Disney story sketch artist, Bill Peet, fashioned many of his drawings of Captain Hook after Mr. Disney himself. Not earth shattering news by any means, but certainly interesting.

The Walt Disney Family Museum is open year-round. It is closed every Tuesday and on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

I don't anticipate a San Francisco vacation, in the near future. But, if I win the lottery or suddenly become an overnight writing sensation, all I can say is… look out Walt… here I come!