Top 3 Disney Films from the 1970’s

Top 3 Disney Films from the 1970’s

Robin Hood, Escape to Witch Mountain, and The Rescuers

The 70’s were a busy decade for Disney with almost 50 films to choose from. Still I will remain faithful to the series and select the top three films that are considered “must sees.”

1. Robin Hood: Robin Hood is a classic, which is why it has been remade so many times. There was even a television show that lasted three full seasons before Robin Hood was unfortunately killed. Anyway, in the Disney film Robin Hood, we see Robin join forces with Little John and his outlaws to steal money from the rich. The money is then given to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham is always after Robin and his men, who annoy the ruler Prince John. In the end of the film, the rightful king, King Richard, is put back on the thrown, and Robin is reunited with his love Maid Marion.

2.  Escape to Witch Mountain: The most recent version of Escape to Witch Mountain stars The Rock, and Anna Sophia Robb, but right now we will discuss the original Disney version. The film is about a set of twins, Tony and Tia, who come from another planet, but don’t know it. They realize that they have unique powers, and eventually discover a strange map. After being kidnapped by a millionaire, the twins escape and make their way to Witch Mountain. It is at Witch Mountain where the children discover their true identity, meet their long lost uncle, and board a spaceship for home.

3. The Rescuers: The Rescuers first came out the year I was born. The movie features the Rescue Aid Society, which is a group of mice that make it their mission to free victims who have been abducted. The mission at hand in this film is to rescue a kidnapped girl named Penny. Two mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca, are chosen for the job. The mice face many obstacles along the way, but in the end, they rescue Penny from Madame Medusa and Mr. Snoops.