Top 3 Disney Films from the 1960’s

Top 3 Disney Films from the 1960’s

Mary Poppins, Babes in Toyland, and The Parent Trap.

During the 1960’s, Disney produced over 55 films. This makes it much harder to choose the top three than in previous decades. I think, however, I was able to select three that will stand the test of time.

1. Mary Poppins: Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins and wish she could be their nanny? This classic film came out in 1964 and starred Julie Andrews as the famous Mary Poppins. The story begins with the Banks family suddenly in need of a nanny for their two children, Jane and Michael. Mary Poppins becomes that nanny, and takes the children on adventures with her friend Bert, played by Dick Van Dyke. Mary’s magical ways teach the children how to behave, and show Mr. Banks the love he has in his heart for his children. Then Mary Poppins disappears as quickly as she appeared.

2. Babes in Toyland: I grew up watching Babes in Toyland every Christmas. Children love watching the film, which is also a musical, and pointing out all of the different nursery rhyme characters that were included. Annette Funicello is Mary Contrary, and Tommy Sands plays her love interest, Tom Piper. The evil character Barnaby attempts to kill Tom so that Mary will marry him. Barnaby wants the inheritance that Mary is about to receive. Throughout the film, the characters meet up with strange talking trees and a crazy toy maker. In the end Tom defeats Barnaby and marries Mary.

3. The Parent Trap: I must confess it was had to choose between The Parent Trap and Pollyanna, which both star Haley Mills. Since The Parent Trap has been re-done so many times, I consider it more popular. The story begins with two estranged twins discover each others existence at a summer camp. Sharon and Susan, the twins both played by Haley Mills, plot to switch places to get to know their other parent. This plan eventually leads the pair to conspire to get their parents back together. Things get complicated when the girls’ father announces his engagement to a young gold-digger, but in the end the parents reunite and remarry, living happily ever after.