Pixar’s Brave is what we’ve been waiting for!

Pixar’s Brave is what we’ve been waiting for!

Take your daughters and sons and go see it, then go see it again.

My best friend called this morning to see if we would go and see Brave with her and her daughter, and though we’ve already seen it—we always go on Wednesdays, which is both the cheapest day and the free popcorn promo day—I really wish we could go with her and see it again. I’m teaching classes instead, though, so it will have to wait.

Brave… I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with this movie, how it completely fulfilled the high expectations that my family and I had for it. It’s absolutely what we’ve been waiting for—a magical tale about a girl and her mother, mistakes, and amending them. There’s plenty of humor (a little on the naughty side, even, with a couple of rear ends showing!) and action, but there’s also sheer joy, love, pride, valor, family, and of course, bravery.

When you hear critics tell you that this was not a groundbreaking movie, please just ignore them; they don’t know what they’re talking about. Not only was this film groundbreaking in the fact that it was the first ever female-led story by Pixar (and the first where the girl’s role had nothing to do with being the accompaniment to a boy), it was also groundbreaking in terms of Western animation. Instead of the constant ACTION!ACTION!ACTION! that our kids are mind-numbingly fed, Pixar went the route of Miyazaki this time and actually focused more on the character development, relationships, and a simple but good story. How are all of these things not groundbreaking?

They are exactly what I have been waiting for. They are exactly what all girls and women across America have been waiting for. And it’s about damn time! And all I can do is echo Oliver Twist and beg, “Please, can we have some more?” More females involved with the actual production would be great, too, Pixar.

This mama is pleased. So was her husband, her daughter, and everyone else in the theater who stood and clapped afterward (and this wasn’t even opening weekend!). Pixar and Disney, I really hope that you get the message here loud and clear: we want more movies starring girls. We want more girl-led adventures. Boys will watch them, we promise! And just to show you that I mean business, I have even purchased a couple of Brave books brand new, something that I never, ever do, to help support its success and to blaze a successful path for even more family films with heroines like Merida.